Thursday, 24 June 2010

Set List etc...

Dear all

Thank you very much for visiting our blog and your interest, it is a bit maniac Japanese event, but we are sure you will experience a special night.

◎Good news here now we are offering a better price for you, please hurry to book on line through this star link

◎Please take your seat at 8pm in the venue (map) , don't miss any constraints!

◎We would like to let you know all the performers are fixed, see the set list below.

# performers/organisers

Akimbo Moonchild (Kimono performance etc...)

Fabio Gygi (Aikido/Anthropologist on contemporary Japan)

Noriko Onohara (Poetry/ Fashion researcher)

# guest performers

Thierry Alexandre (Butoh / Japanese contemporary dance)

Nawashi Murakawa (Shibari / Japanese Rope Bondage)

Shamisen Awa Musume (Musician/ Model for Shibari)

Francis Rushby (Ikebana / Japanese flower arranging)

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

This event is also supported as a research project by The Japanese Association for Semiotic Studies

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